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Mata Nanaki Chastising Dhirmal's Thugs

When Dhirmal sends his thugs to Guru Tegh Bahadur's house, injuring and robbing the Guru's House, Mata Nanaki immediately comes to the Guru's aid and then chastises the attackers. This is recorded in the precolonial Sikh historical text the Suraj Prakash [1843 CE] as follows:

The Mother of the Exalted Guru Tegh Bahadur, whose name, Nanaki, is known throughout the world, was greatly angered hearing words of the Masands chastised them greatly, speaking for the Guru, saying:

"My son's father [Guru Hargobind] was the elder Guru. People used to come from all around giving offerings to our house. Who are you to stop this? You've created this division based on hate without reason!

Everyone in their own house thinks they are great, who can go there and say otherwise to them? We've not gone to the house of Dhirmal, we've not even gone to their city.

He's come from Kartarpur to Bakala, displaying his fraudulent behaviour. If he thinks he received the title of Guru, then why doesnt' he stay in his city and have people come there to worship him?

You've all been burnt by the fire of greed, this fire will now burn down Dhirmal's house. Wherever he goes now following his greed, he will be burnt by his pride.

We've stayed in our house [in Bakala], living humbly, if a Sikh came here to give an offering why would you come here in regard to that? We've never come to your place, where you have many of your Sikhs giving you offerings. Now you've come here and its as if you've just drank poison and killed yourself because of what you've done.

Understand the Guru's House as humble and low, it tackles down the high and cocky. Now only ill fate has come to you shameless people who have shown your egotistical nature.

You have endless riches in your house, and even then you cannot stand to see others wealth. Guru Nanak is the Master of the World, and he will give you a special fruit for the vile acts you just committed.

If that bullet did hit straight on my son's face and killed him, then tell me what would be your fate? What a terrible act you murderers!"

- Suraj Prakash [1843 CE]. Raas 11, Chapter 13, verses 31 to 41.

Author: the Great Poet Santokh Singh [1787-1843].

Artwork by Tarveen Kaur, insta: @tarv33n

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