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Guru Hargobind Contemporary Painting

Launching September 1st, the website will host a dedicated art gallery with paintings and artwork from the contemporary period of the Sikh Gurus. According to the Suraj Prakash (1843) and Gurbilas Patshashi Chevi (1719), Bidhi Chand had a painting of Guru Hargobind commissioned, which is still held by the descendants of Bidhi Chand in the village of Sur Singh, near Amritsar. ⁣

In Chapter 57 of Raas 8, Episode 84 of the Suraj Podcast (upcoming), Guru Hargobind tells Bidhi Chand's son Lal Chand, to return to Sur Singh to live in peace with his mother, and to take with him the painting that his father had commissioned.

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